Ginta „Mais Oui Mais Non! (Original Version, DJ Antoine Extended Remix, Leandre Pick Remix)

With her debut hit single, “Mais Oui Mais Non”, and its Stromae-like, beat-driven synth refrain, Ginta has blown us all away.
A Brigitte Bardot for the 2020s, possessed with a sensual grace and deceptive ingenuity, Ginta (pronounced “Ghinta”) says yes with her mouth but no with her head to a lover who “reproaches her/while (I) she smokes a cigarette”. It’s like an electro-pop version of Marcel Zanini’sTu veux ou tu veux pas [“Do you want to or not?”], which Bardot herself covered in 1970. A disenchanted lover with a sexy Baltic accent seems indi erent, almost bored with male ckleness. “You end up leaving me alone/Why I’m not crying, I’ll never know. ” Not a yes, not a no, neither one nor the other, Ginta is a liberated woman who is not about to let any sort of “dangerous liaison” throw her o course. Yes, the heart has its reasons, that reason does not know, but an emancipated woman is calling the shots here.

Ginta competed in Eurovision 2017 for Switzerland with Cet air-là . Her live performance was pure poetry for its augmented reality and a dress as white as the snow crowning the Bernese Alps. It’s true that, ever since Sébastien Tellier and Madame Monsieur have taken to the stage at Eurovision, the competition has become, well, trendy. Ginta Kubiliute (her real name) is undoubtedly European. She speaks six languages perfectly: Lithuanian, English, French, German, Russian, and Italian. And she’s learning Spanish! She leaves us mouth agape at the elegance and ease with which she passes from one to the other.

There is another language that this daughter of a Lithuanian fashion designer and South African businessman, raised in Switzerland since the age of nine, speaks uently, and that’s music. “It’s my calling and my passion. It drives my whole being,” she says enthusiastically. Underneath her model-like airs, Ginta is a highly resourceful young woman. Always at the ready to dispel a blonde joke, this re ned musician has armed herself with an extensive education that will put any misogynist back in their place. After earning a master’s degree in new technologies from Draper University in Silicon Valley, Ginta also became a sound engineer. And she’s passionate about neuroscience and the e ect that music has on our brains. At any rate, we already know the e ect that her debut single (soon to be followed by an album in both French and English) has on ours: pleasure, fun, joy.
Mais non ?? Mais oui !!